Friday, May 22

You rock

Pixels and Company collab - Curated - Epic
Gennifer Bursett - Merry Christmas Darling

She loves dancing and she's very much into rock tunes - we often dance widly together to the Kings of Leons' Superstar, pretending to play the guitars, so when she got the chance to actually get her hands on one, she was all into it ;-)

Sunday, May 3

INSD freebie

I decided to celebrate this year by creating a few digital freebies. I incorporated lovely painted leaves by Creature Comfort, all the other elements are made by me. Feel free to download the freebies and use them for your personal projects. I'd appreciate if you give me credit (or link back here), especially if they're used in digital projects. And I'd love to see whatever you create with them, so please leave a comment with a link to your workart or tag me on Instagram (@aalmadr). Have fun!

3x4in cards:

iPhone wallpapers 

iPhone4s (960x640)

iPhone5s (1136x640)

Friday, May 1

May challenges

I can't believe May is here already. I'm enjoying a day off today and hope to do some shopping and scrapping later to celebrate INSD - hope you'll have fun too.

For now I'd like to share with you links to 2 new challenges I'm hosting this month at Pixels and Company.

The first is a recipe challenge - you can find all the details here.

Pixels and Company - Digital Scrapbook Collection - May 2015 (on sale now)
In the photos - a kale salad - sałatka z jarmużu, pycha, przepis tutaj (dodałam żurawinę, orzechy i melona) .

The second challenge - is a photo one - you can find all the info about it here.

Gennifer Bursett - Into the Woods
Celeste Knight - Be You; Messy Stitches
Jen Allyson -  Hipster Chic Flairs
Meredith Cardall - Straight Edges; Be You

 Have a great weekend and start to the new month!

Saturday, April 25


Gennifer Bursett - Into the Woods
Celeste Knight - Jubilee; Watercolor Overlays
Meredith Cardall - Straight Brush Strokes
Anna Aspnes -  Art Play Palette Thrive;
Art Play Palette Embrace Life; Art Play MiniPalette Honor
MultiMedia Baloons no1; Doily Edge Overlays No2
 Lyrics by Hillsong United "Relentless"
You gave the world a light to follow
A hope that shines beyond tomorrow
Your love goes on

You carry us
Carry us
When the world gives way
You cover us
Cover us
With Your endless grace

Hello Lovely

Pixels and Company collab Curated: Hello
Meredith Cardall - Straight Brush Strokes
Robyn Meierotto - Chipper - Kraft Papers
Wilna Furstenberg - iHeartStudio - Spring Bundle; Time Words

Wednesday, April 22

Super cute

Gennifer Bursett -  So Very You
Jen Allyson - Lucky
Celeste Knight - Honey Suckle; Be You
Robyn Meierotto - Cut It Out - Hand Cut Clipping Masks
Shirley Polk - Lucky Flairs; Corked No.1
Pixels and Company collab Curated: Hello

Friday, April 17


Gennifer Bursett - Just Loverly; So Very You
Celeste Knight - Watercolor Overlays
Tracy Martin - Cozy Times
Valorie Wibbens - More Thread Please; Scribblers
Wilna Furstenberg - iHeartStudio Word Bouquet
Anna Aspnes - Stitched by Anna White No3
lyrics - Simplicity by Rend Collective - reads: 
I come in simplicity
Longing for purity
To worship You
In spirit and truth
Only You

Lord strip it all away
'Til only You remain
I'm coming back
To my first love
Only You

I come with my broken song
To You the Perfect One
To worship You
In spirit and truth
Only You

Give me a childlike heart
Lead me to where You are
Cause I'm coming back
To my first love
Only You