Wednesday, June 17

Summer is Here

Even if the calendar says otherwise, the summer is already in full swing - with the temperatures over 30C and lots of fun in the sun ;-)


Sunday, June 7

Celebrating Spring - June Template Challenge

Gennifer Bursett -Into the Woods; Celebrate This; Darling
Deena Rutter - Be You; Celebrate; By Hand - Months; Glam - Gold Touches; Grateful
Celeste Knight - Watercolor Overlays; Splatters; Messy Stitches

This page was made with a fun template for June Template Challenge at Pixels and Company - you can download it from here.

Bring Your Own Sunshine

Celeste Knight - Messy Stitches; Splatters
Meredith Cardall - Straight Brush Strokes


Sunday, May 24

I am free

Pixels and Company collabs - Curated - Epic / Curated - Hello
Deena Rutter - Treasured; Celebrate
Wilna Furstenberg - I Heart Studio Floral Frames 1 and 2
Anna Aspnes - Anna Aspnes -  Art Play Palette Thrive; Stitched by Anna White No3

Friday, May 22

You rock

Pixels and Company collab - Curated - Epic
Gennifer Bursett - Merry Christmas Darling

She loves dancing and she's very much into rock tunes - we often dance widly together to the Kings of Leons' Superstar, pretending to play the guitars, so when she got the chance to actually get her hands on one, she was all into it ;-)