Sunday, January 25

My new creative obsession - faffing = moving bits and pieces to create a nice arrangement/vignette! 
If you want to learn more what faffing is read this post by Mademoiselle Poirot.


p.s. A little reminder - all of the products used here are still just at $1 at Pixels and Company store

Thursday, January 22

I heart Instagram!

Celeste Knight - Messy Stitches
Shirley Polk - Wooden Dates; Corked No.1

Last week I finally signed up on Instagram (you can find me @aalmadr) and I'm lovin' it! So much inspiration and photo challenges to play and keep my creative mojo on. So here's a page featuring some of my first photos there. 

Today $1 Days start at Pixels and Company, so go there to pick up some lovely kits (most of the ones above) for one dollar only.

Monday, January 19

 Jen Allyson - Winter Wish
Gennifer Bursett and Jan Allyson - Dialogue 
Anna Aspnes - MultiStitched  by Anna Black-White No1

Monday, January 12

God of Love in our times of darkness you presence
comes to kindle an inner flame. On the day of
the Epiphany, we are able to realize that it is not
we ourselves who create that source of light, but
your Holy Spirit who dwells deep within us. .....
br. Roger of Taize

Gennifer Bursett - Darling; Watercolor
Pixels and Company collab - Winter Wish
Anna Aspnes - Stitched by Anna: Baby Blue; MultiStitched Green-White No1

Robyn Meierotto - In Stitches Template 5 (stitching)
Celeste Knight - Winter Wish (splatter)

Saturday, January 10

Jen Allyson and Gennifer Bursett - Dialogue collab
Robyn Meierotto - In Stitches Layered Template No1
Pixels and Company collab - Winter Wish
Gennifer Bursett - Veneer Journalers
(all those kits are on sale now ;-)

Friday, January 9

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Pixels and Company collab Winter Wish
Gennifer Bursett - Handmade
Robyn Meierotto - In Stitches - Basics
Deena Rutter - Joyful
me - flower overlays

Friday, January 2

 prayer - todays' devotion at d365

Pixels and Company collab - Winter Wish
Gennifer Bursett - Darling
Valorie Wibbens - More Thread Please
Anna Aspnes - MultiStitched by Anna Circles No1; Artsy Kardz Why Not; Korners N Edges No7